Research Function

The Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS), mandated by the Standards Act to provide Kenya’s quality infrastructure, undertakes many standardization activities to support industry to comply with international standards so as to enable businesses access markets, increase productivity, promote environmental wellness and quality of life. These activities aim to entrench and promote a culture of Quality in the Kenyan Society through programmes that raise awareness on standards and quality, promote implementation of quality systems and recognize quality efforts as well as excellence through certifications. The KEBS-NQI Research Function carries out surveys to determine the status and trends of quality practices in Kenya, assess the impact of KEBS services to industry and identify the needs of industry as well as consumers in as far as quality issues are concerned. Research/survey findings provide the organization with information useful for development of objective and effective programmes for serving the quality needs in Kenya, raising awareness, promoting uptake of standards and quality management systems, informing consumers, and help in sustaining as well as improving the culture of quality in Kenya.