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Inspection of motor vehicles

Motor Vehicle Inspection Overview

Kenya Bureau of Standards offers pre-export inspection of used vehicles to determine conformity to the requirements of the KS 1515:2000 - Kenya Standard Code of Practice for Inspection of Road Vehicles through appointed inspection company in Japan, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and the Republic of South Africa.
This is a mandatory inspection carried out pursuant to the provisions of legal Notice 78 of 15/07/2005 and importers of used vehicles coming from the mentioned countries are required to demonstrate conformity to the standard before shipment.
In order to increase the efficiency of the inspection service KEBS has signed contracts with competent company to offer the service on KEBS behalf for a period of three years.
The purpose of the inspection is to ensure vehicles imported into the country are road worthy and that the country is not used as a dumping ground for unsafe vehicles.
Information on the full scope of the inspection is provided in the standard which can be purchased from KEBS information resource centre or at any of KEBS offices countrywide. However the main requirements that vehicles should comply with are as follows:

  • The Age Limit – The vehicle shall be less than 8 years from the year of first registration.
    The difference between the year of manufacture and the year of first registration shall be not more than one year.
  • The Drive – This shall be Right Hand Drive – (RHD).
  • Road-worthiness. This shall be determined by compliance to requirements specified in the standard.

Radioactive contamination inspection
This inspection was initiated in response to the nuclear accident that took place in Fukushima Japan in 2011.The purpose of this inspection is to safeguard the health of users of imported vehicles from radioactive contamination.
Radioactive contamination may exist on surfaces or in volumes of material or air. As the radioactive material decays, it releases energy that can be harmful to health depending on the level of exposure. For passengers in a contaminated vehicle, exposure can either be external through the skin or internal by inhaling contaminated air, especially if the air circulation system of the car is contaminated. Some of radioactive materials have a very long half life which means that vehicle users may still be exposed to danger even after many years. It is therefore very important to ensure vehicles coming from Japan and United Arab Emirates are subjected to this inspection.
Only vehicles whose level of contamination is below the safe exposure limits are certified for importation into the country.

Odometer Tampering Verification
In addition to verifying the roadworthiness of vehicles in accordance with KS 1515:2000, the companies also undertake verification of the odometer for tampering. Any discrepancies established between the regulatory/supporting documents e.g. export certificates, registration documents, de-registration documents, regulatory periodic inspection documents, auction sheets etc., and the actual odometer reading at the time of inspection, constitute a failure and such vehicles are be issued with a Non- Conformity Report.

Contact Addresses of companies which have been contracted to provide inspection services.

  • M/s Quality Inspection Services Inc Japan
    22-1608 Daikoku-Futo,
    Tsurumi, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
    Tel: +81-45-500-6033
    Fax: +81-45-500-6034



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