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Call for Papers

The EAC Regional Metrology Conference (RMC) will be held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, from 21st - 24th March 2023. The Conference will highlight the importance of Measurements in health and other social, economic, and industrial development activities, and to promote the practical application of measurements in all spheres of life.

Metrology, which is the science of measurements and their applications, is the backbone of all human activities but many people including policy makers, political leaders and even scientists are not aware of its importance. As a result, metrology is one of the least recognized and least funded quality infrastructure activities in the EAC.  

The theme for the conference is “Metrology in health

In keeping with the conference’s overall theme, measurement in the health sector, the Conference will among others, highlight the current metrology activities in support of better health and the desired future activities and the required support.  

This is therefore a call for technical papers and presentations that are focused on the above theme and conference objectives, and which will among others illustrate the different ways in which NMIs in EAC are repositioning themselves to enhance their contribution and impact in the health sector.


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