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This Draft Kenya Standard has been prepared by the Sanitation and water treatment Technical Committee in accordance with the procedures of the Bureau, and is now being circulated for public comments.

The Committee would appreciate any comments on this Draft Standards, which should be submitted before 27/05/2020 using the attached template.  It will also be appreciated if those who have no specific comments to make but find the draft standard generally acceptable can notify us accordingly.

Suggestions entailing amendments of the text should include wording preferred and the relevant clause number quoted against any comments made.

This draft standard is subject to change and should not be referred to or used as a Kenya Standard.


To download the public review documents .Click on the links below

  1. KS 2767 - 11.doc public review
  2. KS 2767-8 and 11 Public review.letter
  3. KS 2767-8 Public review
  4. Comment template -KS 2767 part 8 and 11

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