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The Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) is a state corporation established under the Standards Act Cap 496 of the Laws of Kenya. It is mandated to among other things carry out inspection of imported and locally manufactured products in order to ensure that only quality goods enter and are sold in the country.

KEBS is concerned with the quality of plastic pipes and fittings in the market. We have noted that not all importers/manufacturers of the said products are following the set Standards in respect to marking and labelling hence making it difficult to trace back to the source any products found to be substandard in the market.

Consequently, the Kenya Bureau of Standards wishes to inform all importers, manufacturers, hardware shops and the general public that any plastic pipes and fittings found unmarked as per the requirements of the relevant Kenya Standards in the market after 1ST July 2016 shall be seized for destruction and such dealers prosecuted as per the Standards Act. Further, please be informed that penalties for contravening the Standards Act are not less than Kshs 100,000/- (Kenya shillings one hundred thousand) per count.

Download a copy for yourself here.


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