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NQI is a department of KEBS whose mission is to entrench a culture of quality through practical application of standards.

The National Quality Institute offers the following:

  1. Training on Management systems standards.
  2. Extension services for practical application of standards in industry.
  3. Membership registration scheme for recognition of quality practitioners.
  4. The Kenya Quality Award.
  5. Research on quality.

Quality is degree to which a set of inherent characteristics fulfils requirements. (ISO 9000:2015)

NQI is a department of KEB, which is legally recognized under Standards Act, Cap 496 of the Laws of Kenya. The Training institute (NQI), is registered by the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA); Registration number: NITA/TRN/224

It’s a voluntary registration scheme offered by the Kenya Bureau of Standards through the National Quality Institute to recognize individuals and organizations in our society that are quality practitioners or desire to be one where they can advance their knowledge and practice of quality management.

The benefits of NQI Membership are;

  1. Recognition for your quality related roles and achievements to improve your career prospects.
  2. Opportunity to interact with other professionals through networking programs. Such programs include but not limited to workshops, conferences, events and other quality related Fora.

NQI provides support to the SME’s in their journey to standardization through appropriate training and coaching.

NQI collaborates with sector specific regulators and industries to develop quality professionals valued by employers, to deliver governance, quality assurance and improvement through application of standards.

As at 2016, 675 organizations had been certified on the quality management systems