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Kenya Quality Awards Registration


The purpose of the KEBS Kenya Quality Award (KQA) is to identify, recognize, and spotlight role model organizations in Kenya whose performance is worthy of emulation. Recognizing that SMEs provide for the largest share of the country’s GDP, the KQA framework is designed to promote quality management systems for SMEs. It is a process by which SMEs will be assisted to initiate, develop and implement quality management systems to a status of certification. According to KNBS data, majority of Kenya’s SMEs do not last beyond 5 years. In this respect, the KQA programme aims to assist SMEs to remain viable, sustainable and in as far as is possible grow to large enterprises. 

When an organization is excellent in delivering customer value, which is the backbone of quality, there is a lot to learn from that organization. More importantly, the award application process encourages organizations to learn and improve by benchmarking themselves with the best in class. In the KQA process, organizations are encouraged to do self-assessment, an essential step in preparing the award application, and by utilizing the written feedback report, which all applicants receive, the awards process helps applicants improve the way they manage their organization.

When an organization uses the KQA criteria as a model for managing, you will continue to create new values through the continuous process of self-innovation to transform your overall management systems into customer-oriented structures to improve your organization's performance results. This is true whether you are a large business or a small business, a school or non-profit organization in the public sector or private sector, an established organization or a young, high-tech firm.  KQA will also enable organizations to compare themselves with others in the Quality Management Systems ladder.

The KQA applicants will be evaluated rigorously by independent judges using the Kenya Quality Award Criteria for Excellence, which measures an organization in five key areas:

  • Process management.
  • Resources management.
  • Leadership.
  • Customer and market focus;
  • Society and Environmental standards

It is expected that implementation of these 5 elements will result in ‘Sustainability and Growth’ as an overall achievement of the business.

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