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13TH JUNE, 2018

As the body mandated to provide Standardization and Conformity Assessment (Quality Assurance, Inspection, Testing and Market Surveillance) solutions, Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) is responsible for protecting consumers from substandard goods, protecting the environment and facilitating trade.

KEBS’ product certification scheme enforcement regimes are above board with measures to protect consumers that include: Quality Assurance, Import Inspection and market surveillance. The imported goods are subjected to pre-export verification of conformity (PVoC) programme. This programme requires goods to be inspected at the country of origin. This means that the testing is done at the country of origin before they are exported to Kenya. About 10% of the imports are subjected to destination inspection and 90% of the imports go through the PVoC testing and inspection programme.  Regular sampling and testing is done on PVoC covered products to cross-check the performance of KEBS inspection agents.

Following media reports, dated 13th June, 2018 by Daily Nation headlined “At KEBS, makers of fakes run the show” KEBS the National Standards Council (KEBS Board) which met today (13th June, 2018) wishes to state as follows with regard to these allegations:

  • The Board wants to assure Kenyans on the integrity of the KEBS’ Product Certification Marks which include the Import Standardization Mark (ISM)
  • However, arising from the allegations by the Daily Nation dated 13th June, the Board has instituted an investigation to check on the Import Standardization Mark stickers
  • The outcome of the investigations will determine the next course of action
  • The Board is committed to support other government investigative agencies on the integrity of the ISM stickers

We wish to assure Kenyans that the products certified by KEBS are safe and that KEBS is committed to its mandate of protecting the consumers against harmful products, protecting the environment and also facilitating trade.

Statement Issued on behalf of the National Standards Council,


Mugambi Imanyara


Chairman, National Standards Council

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