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Firm Name Postal Address Cert No Scope Cert Issue Date Expiry Date
Great Rift valley Lodge and Golf ResortP.O. Box 1540-20117, NAIVASHAHACCP/021All processes from purchasing, receiving, storage, preparation and serving of food15th March 2019 8th June 2021
Capwell Industries LtdP.O. Box 746 THIKAHACCP/023All processes from receiving of raw materials to dispatch of maize meal, rice, pulses and composite flours20th September 201619th September 2022
Raka Milk Processors LimitedP. O Box 1182 - 10100 NYERI HACCP/024Receiving of raw materials, processing of Mozzarella cheese, Paneer cheese, Halloumi cheese, Nyeri Blue cheese, Cheddar cheese, Pizza cheese, Shrikhand cheese, Feta cheese, Cream cheese, Brie cheese, Gouda cheese, Chevre cheese and ghee up to dispatch9th May 20188th May 2021
Fairview Hotel LimitedP. O Box 40842 - 10100 NAIROBIHACCP/025Food and service provision for individauals and corporate groups at Fairview Hotel and Town Lodge - Upper Hill12th November 201811th November 2021
BRYSON EXPRESS LTDP.O BOX 38788 NAIROBIHACCP/027Warehousing, blending,packaging and dispatch of bulk teas and retail packages15th October 201814th October 2021