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Firm Name Postal Address Cert No Scope Cert Issue Date Expiry Date
Consol Glass LimitedP.O BOX 49835-00100 NAIROBIENV/004Manufacturing,Printing,Packaging and Warehousing container glass products14th July 201013th July 2025
East Africa MaltingsP.O BOX 41412-00100 NAIROBIENV/005Processing of barley,Millet and sorghurm seeds for brewing at the Molo Plant and Malt production at th Kampala Road (Nairobi)Plant.13th September 202116th April 2024
The Nairobi HospitalP.O. Box 30026-00100, NAIROBIENV/008?Provision of Healthcare Services & Nursing Education and Professional Development20th Nov. 200719th November 2025
Juniper Glass IndustriesDebre Birhan,EthiopiaENV/29All manufacturing activities for glass containers to be used as a packaging material in the food industry23rd April 202122nd April 2024
Bidco Africa EliantoP.O BOX 7029-20100 NAKURUENV/030Extraction of edible oils from oil bearing seed and sale/manufacture of animal feed products6th September 20215th September 2024
Bidco Africa Limited-Thikap.o box 239-0100 THIKAENV/006Manufaturing and Marketing of edible oils,cooking fats,margarine,baking powder,noodles,beverages,soaps,detergents and personal care products14th September 201813th September 2024
Her Kitchn Foods LimitedP.O BOX 5500-00100 NAIROBIENV/031Manufacture of natural sauces from vegetables,from product design,raw materials preparation,packaging and labelling storage and distribution5th May 20224th May 2025
Bidco Africa Limited-ThikaP.O BOX 239-00100 THIKAENV/057Manufacturing and Marketing of soaps,detergents and personal care products14th September 201813thSeptember 2024
Afrimac Nut Company LimitedP.O BOX 57994-00200 NAIROBIENV/033Production of raw macadamia Kernel and oil3rd August 20222nd August 2025
Bee-Care Apiaries International LimitedP.O BOX 4262-01002ENV/050Processing and Marketing of honey,peanut butter and Cashew nut3rd August 20222nd August 2025
East Africa Wax Company LimitedP.O BOX 4262-01002ENV/058Processing of Beeswax3rd August 20222nd August 2025
Vert LimitedP.O BOX 10132 NAIROBIEMS/032Manufacturing of fruits puree,fruits slices and packaging,cooling of frsh fruits and vegetables5th September 20224th September 2025
Sarjim Holdings LimitedP.O BOX 17265-20100 NAIROBIEMS/035Production of sesame(simsim).mabuyu,dried mangoes(achari)and coconut snacks(kashsta)19th September 202218th September 2025
Goshen Farm EX=xporters LimitedP.O BOX 19119-00501 NAIROBIEMS/056Processing of fresh and dried fruits and vegetables5th September 20224th September 2025
Azaavi Foods LimitedP.O BOX 51403-00200 NAIROBIEMS/038Production of dried fruits(Mangoes,Pine apples and Bananas)11th August 202210th August 2025
The University of Nairobi-PilotPlant/Processing HubP.O BOX 30197-00100 NAIROBIEMS/041Production of Pasturizedmilk,youghurt and fermented milk at the pilot plant and production of juices and wines in the processing hub31st August 202230th August 2025
Bettana Industries LimitedP.O BOX 51721-00100 NAIROBIEMS/047Production of tomato and chilli sauce,fruit juices and mango chutney24th October 202223rd October 2025
Isuzu East Africa LimitedP.O BOX 30527-00100 NAIROBIEMS/055Manufacture,sale,distribution and associated after sales services of motor vehicles24th October 202223rd October 2025
Laikipia Permaculture Centre LimitedP.O Box 566-10400 NANYUKIEMS/036Sustainable agricultural production and value addition of organically grown products12th September 202211th September 2025
Laikipia Permaculture Centre LimitedP.O Box 566-10400 NANYUKIEMS/59Training consultancy and hospitality12th September 202211th September 2025
Vokenel Enterprises LimitedP.O Box 13009-00400 NAIROBIEMS/40Production of baobab powder and baobab oil5th September 20224th September 2025.
Orchard Juice LimitedP.O Box 38699-00623 NAIROBIEMS/51?Processing of fresh Juices.24th October 202223rd October 2025.
Joopers Busy LimitedP.O Box 2344 KISUMUEMS/43Production of Sugarcane Juice blended with ginger and lemon23rd October 202523rd October 2025.
Kabondo Sweet Potato Marketing Cooperative SocietyP.O Box 63-40223 KADONGOEMS/44Processing and Marketing Sweet Potato products11th October 202210th October 2025.
Mwanainchi Bakers and Confectioners LimitedP.O Box 87519-80100 MOMBASAEMS/52?Baking and Marketing of bread and cakes?19th September 202218th September 2025
Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT)P.O Box 62000-00200 NAIROBIEMS/020Provision of higher education and research15th April 201914th April 2025
Lake Victoria Water Works Development AgencyP.O BOX 673-50100 KAKAMEGAEMS/19Development, Management and Maintenance of Sustainable Water and Sanitation Works in its are of jurisdiction10th January 20229th January 2025