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Step 1: Application process

  1. Have 3 complying test samples reports in last 9 months for new grants or 3 complying test samples distributed proportionately within validity period for renewal
  2. Dully fill in duplicate the standardization mark application form ( STA 1)
  3. Dully fill in initial factory assessment form ( STA 10) (New applicants)
  4. Dully fill in assessment form ( STA 3) (Diamond Mark applicants)
  5. Dully fill in duplicate the standards levy notification form( SL1)
  6. Provide us with a copy of company registration form, CR12 for Ltd Companies, evidences for registration for CBOS, Cooperatives societies, self-help groups etc.
  7. Pay the required product certification fees as appropriate
  8. Acquire Product Standards ( specification and sector codes of practices)

Please note that no product samples are required at the time of submitting your application.

You can obtain STA1, STA 3, STA 10, and SL1 forms at the nearest KEBS office or download from KEBS website

Step 2: Evaluation/Assessment process

KEBS quality assurance officers (Assessors) will pay a visit to your production facility to verify;

  1. Evidence of quality control on; Incoming raw material, In-process controls and finished products
  2. Product labelling
  3. Quality Records
  4. Calibration of equipment
  5. Handling of complaints
  6. Plant house keeping
  7. Environmental consideration

The assessors may draw samples for further testing and discuss and agree on scheme of supervision and control

If nonconformities are identified at the end of Assessment/Inspection, the Manufacturer has the responsibility to undertake corrective action and inform KEBS to confirm the actions taken.

Step 3 Review and Decision making

  1. Assessors write recommendation for review by Regional Manager or Head of Department
  2. Regional Manager or Head of Department presents recommendation to Permit Approval Committee (PAC) for approval
  3. PAC confirms that all requirements have been met, a permit is issued.


Diamond Mark (D-Mark) Fees Schedule for 4 - Year Validity Period`

  • Kenyan companies

KSH 55,000 per product per brand per site per year. i.e. KSH 220,000 for the 4 years (add v.a.t)

  • Foreign companies

USD 4,000 per product per brand per site per year. i.e. USD 16,000 for the 4 years

The applicant is required to meet assessors' subsistence allowance as stipulated by the government's Salaries and Remuneration Commission and also the return air fare (Economy class) as applicable.

The applicant is also required to facilitate travel arrangement and local running at destination country.

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