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The mandate of National Codex Committee is to:

Harmonize national food standards to the International Codex System,
Provision the national system to address food commodities,general subjects and Intergovenmental Ah hoc.

The said provisions include scientific advisory text/evidence derived from the International research infrastructure and structured in the form of code of practice, guidelines and recommended measures. Another main function of the National Codex committee is to give policy formulations, direction and to approve the working procedures of the National Codex activities and ratify the national codex commodities positions presented at all codex meetings.

Codex Kenya Committee Mission and Vision

Our Vision

To create and maintain a national framework in regard to national produce access to national, regional and global markets by use of adopted/adapted food codex standards.

Our Mision

To guide and promote the elaboration and establishment of definitions and requirements for food standards and related national infrastructure to create environment for the national produce to gain access and maintain markets in national, regional and global arena.

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