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About the fortification logo

Food fortification is the addition of one or more vitamin and/or mineral to a food (usually referred to as food vehicle) to correct or prevent a demonstrated micronutrient deficiency. It is one of the four key cost effective strategies recommended by WHO in curbing micronutrient deficiency. The Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation through a Legal Notice no. 62 of 15th June 2012 has therefore declared it mandatory to fortify the following food products;

  • Wheat Flour – with Zinc and Iron
  • Dry Milled Maize Products- with Zinc and Iron
  • Salt- with Iodine
  • Vegetable Fats and Oils- with vitamin A

Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation has subsequently signed an Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with KEBS to administer the Food Fortification Logo and certification of products which fulfil the requirements of the relevant Kenya Standard with respect to Fortification. An applicant for the food fortification logo must have a valid Standardization Mark or Diamond Mark for the food vehicle.

Process Of Getting A Fortification Logo

Any manufacturer applying for Fortification logo must have acquired the S-Mark in accordance with KEBS procedures
The price of acquiring this mark is Kes. 10,000 per product per brand.

Please Click On The Link To Download The Fortified Logo Appliaction Form;

Fortified Logo Application Form



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