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    Standardization Mark

About SMark

This is a mandatory product certification scheme for locally manufactured products provided for under section 10 of the Standards Act Cap 496, Laws of Kenya.

Process of getting Standardization Mark

To get the mark, manufacturers are required to;

Upon receipt of a duly completed STA/1, KEBS shall appoint relevant product expert to carry out assessment of the production system, collect samples for analysis and draw up and agree on a scheme of supervision and control (SSC) with the manufacturer for continuous monitoring of the production processes.
KEBS shall review and evaluate the expert’s assessment report and the laboratory test report to determine compliance to the certification criteria and relevant Kenya standard or approved specification. Manufacturers complying with the certification criteria and manufacture products meeting the requirements of the relevant Kenya Standards or approved specifications shall be granted permits to use the standardization mark for a period of one (1) year by PSC.

  • Product samples used for certification decision shall be obtained from the firm and/ or market outlets.
  • Standardization Mark permits are valid for a period of one calendar year subject to full compliance by the permit holder to the conditions set out in a contract signed between KEBS  and the permit holder.
  • Renewal of existing permits is subject to permit holders paying the applicable standardization fees and providing evidence of compliance to an operational scheme of supervision and control (SSC) of the production system and specific conditions specified in the contract.

KEBS shall continuously monitor certified products through regular factory and market surveillance visits. During these visits KEBS officers shall evaluate compliance to the scheme of supervision of control (SSC) signed between KEBS and the manufacturer and also draw samples for testing to determine compliance to the relevant Kenya Standard or approved specification.
Permit holders found to have contravened the contract and/ or offering for sale products not meeting the requirements of the relevant Kenya Standards or approved specification may have their permits suspended/ withdrawn/ cancelled.


(a) All the payment for standardization mark application shall be made at the time of application.

(b)For Jua kali, Micro and Small Enterprises, their application fees shall be considered in 3 categories based on the annual sales turnover as follows:-

i. Turnover upto Ksh 200,000 - Ksh. 5000 + VAT

ii. Turnover between Ksh 200,000-500,000 - Ksh. 10000 + VAT

iii. Organized groups operating under one central umbrella (e.g. NGO whose Quality control activities can be traced to the central body) with a turnover of over Ksh 500,000 to pay Ksh 20,000 per applicant or group.

 (c)       For large manufacturers whose annual sales turnovers are in excess of Ksh. 500,000/= the fees structures are as follows:-

i. Firms with brands less than 10 products – Ksh. 20,000/= (factory inspection fee) + Ksh 7,500 for each product.

ii. Firms with 10 or more brands – Ksh. 20,000/= (factory inspection fee) + Ksh. 5,000/= for each product.




Standardization Mark Downloads

Please Click On The Link To Download The Standardization Mark Appliaction Form;

Standardization Mark Application Form