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Inspection of motor vehicles

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Pursuant to the provisions of legal Notice 78 of 15/07/2005, KEBS has signed contracts with M/s Auto Terminal Japan Ltd (ATJ), M/s Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Center Co. Ltd (JEVIC) and M/s Quality Inspection Services Inc Japan (QISJ) for pre-export verification of conformity to standards for used road vehicles. The companies will provide inspection services in the following countries:

  • Japan
  • United Arab Emirates
  • United Kingdom
  • Singapore
  • South Africa

All importers of used vehicles coming from the above mentioned countries including returning residents are required ensure that their vehicles are inspection by any of these companies and a certificate of roadworthiness issued before they are shipped.

Vehicles originating from countries other the above mentioned ones will be subject to local inspection at a fee provided that such vehicles are Right Hand Drive and not more than eight (8) years old from the year of first registration (the difference between this year and the year of manufacture should not be more than one year).
In addition to verifying the roadworthiness of vehicles in accordance with KS 1515:2000, the companies will also undertake verification of the odometer for tampering. Any discrepancies established between the regulatory/supporting documents e.g. export certificates, registration documents, de-registration documents, regulatory periodic inspection documents, auction sheets etc., and the actual odometer reading at the time of inspection, will constitute a failure and such vehicles will be issued with a Non- Conformity Report (NCR) in which case they shall not be allowed into Kenya.

Contact Addresses.

You can contact the any of the inspection companies using the information below:

  • M/s Auto Terminal Japan Ltd
    1 Mayafuto Nada-ku 657-0854
    Tel: +81-78-805-2550
    Fax: +81-78-805-2750
  • M/s Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Center Co. Ltd (JEVIC)
    15 Daikoku-Futo, Tsurumi-ku
    Yokohama Kanagawa Pref.
    230-0054 Japan
    Tel: +81-45-521-8527
    Fax: +81-45-521-8510
  • M/s Quality Inspection Services Inc Japan
    22-1608 Daikoku-Futo,
    Tsurumi, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
    Tel: +81-45-500-6033
    Fax: +81-45-500-6034


Conformity assessment procedures shall be used to verify that used Motor Vehicles exported to Kenya are in compliance with the Kenya Standard before shipment from the supply country (Japan, Dubai, Singapore, United Kingdom and South Africa)
Critical parameters of KS 1515:2000 are:

  • The Age Limit – This shall be less than 8 years from the year of first registration.
    The difference between the date of manufacture and the date of first registration shall be not more than one year.
  • The Drive – This shall be Right Hand Drive – (RHD).
  • Road-worthiness. This shall be determined by compliance to requirements specified in the standard.
  • Radioactive contamination inspection - To safeguard consumer safety it is imperative that all used vehicles imported from Japan and Dubai undergo an inspection to detect any radioactive contamination. Only vehicles whose level of contamination is within acceptable limits will be issued with a certificate of conformity.
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Download the following pdf documents to check the Zones of responsibility of each company and the product list.

This was effective as from 18th Jan. 2012

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