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KEBS Marks

Import Standardization Mark

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Our Mark Scheme is a highly recognizable symbol of credibility and a powerful marketing tool, which reinforces a product's intrinsic features. The use of the Import Standardization Mark on a product strengthens point-of-sale impact and gives it greater prestige in the market place.

Because the Import Standardization Mark Scheme ensures independent third-party certification, it gives clear evidence that the product bearing the ISM mark conforms to a specific Kenyan or International standard. An ongoing quality management programme is an essential part of the Mark Scheme, which is a clear demonstration that your company is dedicated to quality management.

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How do I get the ISM
The importer triggers the process by presenting an application to KEBS supported with:

  1. A certificate of Conformity (CoC)
  2. Packing list
  3. Import documents (IDF/Customs Entry)

Upon successful review of the application, the importer is issued with the soft copy of the ISM at no cost.
The ISM is issued on consignment specific. The mark must be applied to all products which have impact on health and safety, environment such as food and foodstuffs, electrical fittings, electrical appliances and accessories, infant ware and toys.
How the mark shall be applied:
The mark shall be given to importers for reproduction and application of the soft copy. The ISM is reproduced by the importer taking into account the size and type of packaging involved.
The following information is captured for ease of accessibility:

  1. Name and physical address of importer
  2. Telephone, fax and Email address
  3. KEBS CoC Number
  4. Barcode information (when applicable)

KEBS may cancel or suspend the use of the mark where the importer / vendor:

  1. Does not adhere to the terms and conditions for use of ISM
  2. The product fails to meet requirements of the Kenya standard or approved specification

Any person who is aggrieved by

  1. The refusal by KEBS to issue mark

The variation, cancellation or suspension of the use of the mark, may within 14days of the notification of the act complained of being received by the applicant, appeal in writing to the Standards appeal tribunal. The Standard Appeal Tribunal shall give the reason for the decisions in writing.