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Diamond Mark of Quality

About D-Mark

The Diamond Mark of Quality (also referred to as D-Mark) is a voluntary product certification scheme operated by Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS). It is a mark of excellence awarded to manufacturers (either based locally or abroad) which has demonstrated high degree of excellence in product manufacturing and quality.  D-Mark permit holders thus qualify automatically for the standardization mark (SM) without any additional payments. The permit to use the mark is valid for period of three years subject to satisfactory quality performance and full compliance to other contractual obligations signed between KEBS and the permit holder.



Benefits of D-Mark

The Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) operates a Product Certification Scheme in line with its functions of developing quality standards, ascertaining compliance with such standards, and controlling the application and use of the standardization / Quality Mark and other distinctive Marks.

To Manufactures

  • Streamlining of production processes and development of Quality Control System.
  • Technical audit of product quality and production processes by KEBS officers.
  • Reaping of production economies arising from standardization activities.
  • Better image of products marketed at both local and international levels.
  • Winning consumer confidence and goodwill.
  • Preference for goods bearing the Mark of Quality, an indirect advertising component

To Consumers

  • Guarantee of good quality and conformity to approved standards.
  • Full value and satisfaction for money spent
  • Helps in making quick, wise decisions in purchasing.
  • Assurance of free replacement in case of default on the manufacturer’s part.
  • Protection from deception and exploitation.Assurance of safety against hazards of life and property, particularly in case of foodstuffs and electrical goods.
  • Elimination of the need for exhaustive inspection and testing of goods purchased, hence saving of time, labor and money.
Process of getting D-Mark

The process of acquisition involves application, assessment, and consistent compliance of the products to relevant Kenya standards or approved specification

To get the mark, manufacturers are required to;

Upon receipt of the above KEBS shall appoint at least two assessors, one being an expert in the product(s) under application, to carry out factory assessment with a view to establishing the following;

  • Record of Compliance with the relevant standard- at least three test results for the last one year in operation.
  • Evidence of existence of a scheme of surveillance and control of the production system.
  • Evidence of control of:
  • Incoming raw materials
  • In process control
  • Final product
  • Quality and testing records
  • Existence of in-house Laboratory
  • Plant house keeping / Hygiene
  • Environmental consideration
  • Product labeling

Based on the recommendation of the assessors, KEBS shall consider the application for grant of a D-Mark permit.


During the permit validity, KEBS shall carry out regular surveillance inspections in the factory and/ or market outlets to ensure that the permit holder complies with the specified quality requirements.


The Permit fees payable at the time of application are as follows;

  • Local Firms: Kshs. 165,000 + VAT per product per brand
  • Foreign Firms: Kshs. 600,000 or USD 7,500 (whichever is higher) per product per brand for foreign firms.

In addition to the above permit fee, foreign firms are also required to pay assessment fee of Ksh. 16,000 per day per assessor, assessor’s subsistence allowances and return air tickets (which varies depending on the assessment location/ country).

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