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July - Sept 2013 Issue
Benchmark Magazine

Newsletter Highlights

  • Standardization is a critical component in the Kenyan Economy
  • Calibration and Calibration Services in the Pharmaceutical manufacturing sector
  • KEBS Expands its Scope to Test GMOs
  • The Role of KEBS in Food Fortifi cation 13. NQI & CB hold joint customer communication Day
  • The Afl atoxin Menace
  • Steel Bars for Concrete Reinforcement
Sept - Nov 2011 Issue
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Newsletter Highlights

  • Efforts, Initiates and Attitutes
  • KEBS Achievements: Developments, Gains and Improvements on Standards and Service Delivery
  • Bio-energy Conference
  • Fishing farming standards
  • A living passion for Standards
July - Sept 2011 Issue
Benchmark Magazine

Newsletter Highlights

  • Importing a used Motor Vehicle?
  • KEBS : Management of Aflatoxin
  • Consumer Insight, consumer's role in countering substandard products
  • The role of supermarkets, Rettail, Wholesale and Hardware Outlets in raising the Quality Products.
  • Understanding the need for a chang'aa standard
Jan - Mar. 2011 Issue
Benchmark Magazine

Newsletter Highlights

  • KEBS certification Body Acquires 17021 Certification
  • Assessments and classification of Hotels and Restourants
  • Creating a compettitive Africa through knowledge management

Other Newsletters Releases
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Press Release: KEBS Statement on the sad incidences associated with consumption of Alcohol at Narok and Kimende areas.
Posted on: 08-09-2014

The News / Business Editor

KEBS Statement on the sad incidences associated with consumption of Alcohol at Narok and Kimende areas

Download The Document Below For the Full Press Release:


Food Safety For Learning Institutions (Training Workshop).
Posted on: 03-09-2014

KEBS, in realization of the emerging challenges of maintaining food quality in learning institutions that provide mass catering services, has introduced a special program for quality assurance for these institutions.

Venue: Boma Hotel -Nairobi, Kenya
Dates: 7th - 10th October 2014
Registration Fees:
A fee of Kshs 30,000.00 inclusive of 16% VAT shall be charged per participant and this, along with the completed nomination form should be submitted to KEBS by 26th September 2014. The fee covers conference facilities, refreshments and lunch. Accommodation, transport and other expenses shall be met by the participants.

You are invited to nominate AT LEAST TWO participants per institution to this workshop. Attached is a detailed seminar information and a nomination form, which you should complete, detach and return to KEBS organising committee as soon as possible.

Download The Document Below For More Information


KEBS Invites the Youth to participate in a national essay competition on the "Role of Standards in Agriculture"
Posted on: 03-09-2014
Untitled Document

The Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) in collaboration with the African Organization for Standardization welcomes Kenyan Youth to participate in a Continental Standardization Essay competition. The Competition will have 3 categories of winners: the National, Regional and Continental Level. The competition targets youth below the age of 35 years, attending Universities or Colleges recognized and approved by the Commission of Higher Education in Kenya. The main objective of the essay competition is to generate and sustain awareness of standardization among the Youth in Kenya

The competition targets youth below the age of 35 years, attending Universities or Colleges recognized and approved by the Commission of Higher Education in Kenya. The main objective of the essay competition is to generate and sustain awareness of standardization among the Youth in Kenya.

For More Information, Download The Document Below;

National Essay Competition

Registration Form

Posted on: 30-08-2014

1. KEBS has placed a notice on its website to terminate JEVIC Contract that expires on 15th January 2015. This means that any vehicle inspected by JEVIC up to 15th January 2015 and compiles to KEBS requirements will be allowed in the country.
2. New contracts for the inspection of motor vehicles will be implemented effective 16th January 2015 following procurement of the inspection agents through an open tender process. The public will be notified in good time of the selected inspection agents effective 16th January 2015.

Download a Copy of The Document

Posted on: 29-08-2014

Following a consultative meeting between KEBS and manufacturers of steel bars held on 13th August 2014 to address the requirement for traceability of the products in the market, the following were agreed upon:
(a) All manufacturers and importers shall initiate the process of embossing/engraving twisted and ribbed bars with specific identities which could be the names or trademarks of each manufacturer.
(b) The deadline for completion of the branding process shall be 31st December 2014.

Pursuant to Section 9 (4) of the Standards Act Cap 496, no unbranded twisted and ribbed bars shall be allowed into the Kenya market with effect from 1st January 2015.

This will be done alongside the requirements for compliance to Kenya Standard KS 573 on Cold Worked (high yield) Steel Bars for the reinforcement of Concrete and KS ISO 6935-2 for the reinforcement of Concrete Part 2-Ribbed Bars.

Download a Copy of The Document

Posted on: 29-08-2014


KEBS has a mandate to ensure: 1. Development and harmonization of standards including availing for sale Kenya standards, Regional and International standards; 2. Testing of raw materials and finished products; 3. Calibration of equipment; maintenance and dissemination of International System of Units (SI) of measurements 4. Product and system certification; 5. Undertaking educational work in standardization and practical application of standards;; 6. Support growth of industry by provision of quality assurance and inspection.

Download a Copy of The Document For More Information

Posted on: 18-08-2014

This is to notify all importers of Motor Vehicles into Kenya, that the contract for Motor Vehicle inspection between Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) and Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Center Co. Ltd (JEVIC) has been terminated in line with the current contract that expires on 15th January 2015. Please be advised.

PUBLIC NOTICE: Updated List on The Banned Brands of Dry Cell Batteries from Sale in Kenya.
Posted on: 13-08-2014



Below is an updated list of banned brands of dry cell batteries. This follows consistent surveillance monitoring of the performance of the brands of dry cell batteries.

1. Bongo (PVC Jacket)
2. Cara
3. Ever Power
4. Every Day
5. Dura Power
6. Duke Cell
7. Durabatt
8. Golden Bell
9. K. Power
10. Swan
11. Long Life
12. Longottie
13. Sonic
14. Lion Brand
15. Eco Energy
16. Ever Top
17. Chimpanzee
18. 777
19. Charm
20. Duraking
21. Dole
22. Mega Power
23. Yarico
24. Pair Dear
25. Double Cat
26. Sogo
27. Golden Power
28. Green Energy
29. Sun Watt
30. Royal
31. Volt Supar
32. Double Lion
33. MW Super Qualiaty
34. Bellcell
35. ST
36. Domex
37. Moon Rabit
38. Hiwatt
39. Brade Power

KEBS Inspection Agencies have been instructed not to inspect the above named brands.
Any imports/manufacture of above dry cell batteries will be destroyed at the importer’s/manufacture’s cost.

Download a Copy of Document

Seminar - Quality Assurance in Laboratory Testing
Posted on: 24-07-2014

Seminar - Quality Assurance in Laboratory Testing

The Kenya Bureau of Standards provides training to industry as part of its task of creating awareness and technical expertise in areas of Quality Management and Conformity Assessment. The Laboratory Management Seminar is one such training meant for laboratory personnel, research scientists, Quality Controllers, Quality Inspectors, practising professionals and Managers in Industry/Organizations who intend to or are implementing good laboratory practice.

The purpose of this course is to impart skills on the principles and practices of an effective laboratory quality system in accordance to the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025.

The five day course provides an in-depth knowledge on the requirements of the ISO/IEC 17025 standard, emphasis will particularly be placed on application of statistics on data management in the laboratory. The course will also cover method validation and uncertainty of measurements in addition to general laboratory management practices.
The course includes presentations, case studies, group exercises/practicals

Venue: The course will be held at Mombasa Beach Hotel
Dates: 24th -28th November 2014
Fees: Kshs. 95,000/= Fully Residential exclusive of 16% VAT. This amount includes ; full board accommodation, seminar fee and stationery.
Kshs. 70,000/= Non Residential exclusive of 16% VAT. This amount includes lunch, morning and afternoon tea, seminar fee and stationery.

You are invited to nominate at least one participant to the seminar. All nominated participants are required to bring scientific calculators or laptop computers.

Please complete the nomination form, detach and return to us as soon as possible. Payments should be made at least two weeks before the start of the course.

Course Programme
Bank Details

Download the press releases in pdf format
  • KEBS celebrates the 43rd world standards day - 16th october 2012
    World Standards Dayis celebrated each year on 14th October to pay tribute to the efforts of thousands of experts worldwide that collaborate with International Standards Bodies like (International Electro-technical Commission (IEC), International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and International telecommunications Union (ITU),to develop International Standards that facilitate trade, spread knowledge and promote technologicaladvances.

    The theme this year is, "Less waste, better results - Standards increase efficiency".Standards are crucial for increasing efficiency, while efficiency is crucial for success in today’s challenging and competitive economic environment. This issue has drawn a lot of attention as global economies are challenged with sustainability and financial uncertainty. Optimization of resources in any organization provides a foundation for better results. Efficiency is the ability to achieve organizational objectives by implementing processes in production or services that facilitate provision of safe, functional and quality products with minimal waste, expense, or unnecessary effort. Efficiency helps organizations meet their goals as they maximize profits.
    Posted on: 22-10-2012

  • Notice to all Cement Manufacturers, Importers and Distributors
    KEBS has noted that cement that does not comply with the requirements specified in the Kenya standard on labeling is being offered for sale in the Kenyan market. The Kenya Standard KS 1829: 2004: Labeling of products - General Requirements, gives the general requirements for the marking and labeling of products made in Kenya and those imported into the country. The standard requires that the following information shall be indelibly and legibly displayed on products:
    1. Name of the product,
    2. Date of manufacture,
    3. Expiry date,
    4. Active ingredient content,
    5. Handling requirements,
    6. Instructions for use among others.
    Manufacturers, importers and distributors of cement are advised to ensure that the products comply with the standard before being released to the market.

    Posted on: 20-07-2012
The speeches are downloadable in pdf format
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