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We are continually striving to offer the best possible service to all those who we serve, and we welcome all kind of feedback from you to tell us how we are doing. 

Your opinion

feedback Your views are important to us. Express your opinion here


We hope you will be pleased with the service you receive from us and encourage you to tell us so.

feedback Your views are important to us. Express your opinion here

Feedback about what we have done well helps us to understand how we have met your needs and can continue to do so.


However if you are not satisfied with the service you have received from us or are unhappy with the conduct of any of our staff, you can make a complaint.

Registering your dissatisfaction helps us see where and why we have failed to meet the high standards of service you expect from us. It allows us to learn from our failings and improve the service we provide to the people of Kenya.

You can make a complaint about:

  • The service delivery of Kenya Bureau of Standards- for example, you are dissatisfed with the level of service you have received from an officer or member of staff in the fields of Testing, Metrology, Quality Assurance or Certification.

  • The inappropriate conduct of an officer or member of KEBS staff - for example, you believe that an officer has behaved incorrectly or unfairly to you.

Making a complaint or compliment

You can make a complaint in any of the following ways:

  • By phone on (+254 20) 6948000
    Mobile: +254722202137/8, +254734600471/2
    PVOC: +254724255242 :
  • Online or by e-mail or
  • By fax on (+254 20) 6004031
  • In writing to:
    The Managing Director
    Kenya Bureau of Standards
    Popo Road, Off Mombasa Road
    Behind Bellevue cinema
    P.O Box 54974-00200
    Nairobi - Kenya

If your complaint relates to a local corrupt practices, you can also contact The Kenya Anti Corruption Commission in person, by phone or by email.

If you chose to make a complaint, you need to provide us with as much information as possible, including:

  • Your name, address and contact details
  • What happened and when
  • Who was involved and what was done

What happens next?

Once you have made your complaint, we will acknowledge and get you back according to our service charter upon receiving it.

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Please feel free write to us through "The Managing Director, P.O Box 54974-00 NAIROBI or email us through or" if you have any questions or suggestions of additional comments.

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Anti Corruption Reporting
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